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Crone & Mason understands that your intellectual property and capital - your trade secrets - are your competitive advantage. We also know that you must guard them as jealously as you would your own home.

The first step is an Intellectual Property Security Audit to help you evaluate your existing defense systems, giving you a clear picture of your vulnerabilities from external threats. We'll also audit your internal procedures to determine your exposure to internal theft or embezzlement. With this data in hand, we design a systematic program to address your needs.


When was the last time you updated your non-competition agreements and covenants with key personnel?
- Alan Crone,
Crone & Mason, PLC

Crone & Mason's Trade Secret Protection Practice employs both practical and preemptive strategies for protecting and preserving the value of your intellectual property.

The Practice specializes in comprehensive assessments, strategic counsel, litigation support, and bridging the gap between the protections afforded by computer security and intellectual property law.

Your Crone & Mason Intellectual Property Audit will:

ENHANCE your company's Intellectual Property assets - Crone & Mason will identify trade secrets with a custom audit for your company's specific needs.

PROTECT your company's Intellectual Property assets - Crone & Mason will provide appropriate employment agreements, imposing confidentiality with respect to trade secrets.

CREATE long-term procedures for developing Intellectual Property - Crone & Mason will help your company create systems to review potential intellectual property for patent, trademark and/or copyright markings.

MINIMIZE risk of forfeiting your Intellectual Property rights - Crone & Mason will help your management and other key personnel define patent, trademark and copyright protection issues.

INSTRUCT employees on Intellectual Property protection - Crone & Mason will educate all employees, and agents of the company, about information to be maintained as a trade secret.

SAFEGUARD yourself against violating others' Intellectual Property rights - Crone & Mason will advise management and marketing personnel on how trademark rights are obtained and the importance of clearance searches.

Contact Crone & Mason to schedule your intellectual property security audit: 901.683.1850 or


At Crone & Mason, we understand the growing threats and subtle vulnerabilities that abound in today's business environment. A combination of burgeoning technology and the quickly shifting sands of business create unique challenges for your organization. Defending your most valuable assets requires a sophisticated team of professionals.

That's where Crone & Mason comes in. Our practice is dedicated to meeting those urgent needs by helping our clients meet their fiduciary responsibilities and build business success.


Thoughtful, proactive experience - focusing on the law so clients can focus on their business.

Alan G. Crone, Esq. - Mr. Crone focuses his practice on business, commercial and employment-related disputes. Crone has represented clients in courtrooms throughout the United States. He pursues and excels at cases with complex factual and legal challenges.

John J. Mulrooney, Esq. - Crone & Mason, PLC's Intellectual Property Practice is headed by John Mulrooney who brings an important perspective as a licensed Patent attorney and former Assistant United States Attorney.

Michael D. Moberly - Michael Moberly brings 22 years of real world consulting, research and publishing experience to the Crone & Mason Trade Secret Protection Practice.

Together this team utilizes proactive and preemptive strategies in the following areas:

  • Audits on proprietary-competitive advantage information and trade secrets
  • Trade secret protection and misappropriation prosecution
  • Unfair competition
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements
  • Obtaining U.S. and foreign patents
  • Trademark and copyright registrations
  • Antitrust

When a dispute is unavoidable, Crone & Mason's dispute-resolution and litigation services act proactively to protect your most valuable assets.


Intellectual Property Litigation
Non-Competition Agreement Enforcement
Trade Secret Protection
Trademark Infringement
Trademark Protection
Trade Name Protection
Fidelity Bond Recovery
Officer and Director Liability
Unfair Trade Practices
Antitrust Business and Commercial Litigation
Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

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