Crone & Mason Trade Secret Protection
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About Us

The Crone & Mason
Trade Secret Protection
Practice Group

The Crone & Mason, PLC Trade Secret Protection Practice Group is comprised of lawyers, paralegals, and consultants dedicated to helping its clients preserve and protect the value and integrity of their intellectual property. Our attorneys and consultants have extensive experience representing all types of companies and business people.

Trade secret protection is more than just protecting patents and copyrights. We also, enforce trademarks and trade names, prosecute companies engaged in unfair competition and anti-trust violations, and enforce and defend claims involving noncompetition agreements. We also enjoy crafting solutions to help avoid disputes such as patent applications, trademark registration, drafting non-disclosure agreements, drafting policies and procedures to protect and preserve confidential and proprietary information and other consulting services aimed at strengthening our clients' security.

Alan Crone is the Chairman of Crone & Mason's Business and Commercial Litigation Section. This section includes the Employment Law Practice Group, the Business Torts Practice Group and the Trade Secrets Protection Practice Group. Alan's practice involves business, commercial and employment related matters. He particularly enjoys cases with complex legal and factual issues. John Mulrooney is licensed before the patent bar. Mike Moberly is a consultant with 22 years of practical experience in protection of trade secrets and confidential information.

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