Crone & Mason Trade Secret Protection
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Identifying Trade Secrets and Centers - Chains Of Valuable Information That Provides Competitive Advantages

The following represents an exclusive service we provide. Each 'bullet point' below represents one element of a company's information value - competitive advantage chain.

This particular company had previously applied a 'shot-gun' approach to protecting their information. The shot gun approach essentially distributes the same level of information protection/security to all information regardless of its value or the competitive advantages it may bring to its owner.

Through our assessment-audit services, we identified key centers - chains of information that provided this company with sustained (worldwide) competitive advantages and value.

The company was advised to focus their information protection-security resources on these particular centers-chains of value and competitive advantage. This strategy permits resources to be more client centered, i.e., fit each clients' needs and circumstances.

Centers - Chains Of Information Value & Competitive Advantage

  • Confidential relationships/partnerships with key customers, clients, suppliers, etc.
  • External partnering relationships (R&D)
  • Intellectual capital-knowledge of employees (very low attrition, turnover)
  • Proprietary training materials (software, video, manuals, etc.)
  • Intellectual capital of domestic and international sales force (sharing of experience, knowledge)
  • Brand protection - product counterfeiting
  • 'Turn around' time (to customer/client services, practices, and inventory)
  • Relationships with primary suppliers (domestic, international)
  • Customer/client at will access to training resources