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About Us: Mike Moberly

Mike MoberlyKnowledge Protection Strategies represents a culmination of 22 years of consulting, publishing and applied research on security-asset protection and management issues related to proprietary-competitive advantage information, intellectual property and information valuation.

Mike has conducted over 50 national-regional presentations-seminars for professional associations such as American Society for Industrial Security, OPSEC Professionals Society, Infragard, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Association of College Administration Professionals, bar associations and numerous one-on-one presentations to officials in Federal law enforcement, defense and intelligence agencies.

Mr. Moberly's consulting-research has also focused on economic issues related to brand protection and competitive advantage losses resulting from sophisticated and predatorial worldwide competitor-business intelligence and economic espionage.

A strong advocate of intellectual property rights and open scientific communication, Mike believes it's important, however, for academic scientists, R&D entrepreneurs, as well as mature businesses, to place their intellectual capital (ideas, concepts, research) in protected and defensible states throughout an R&D process. This is especially important when commercialization, technology transfer, and/or licensing are contemplated.

Examples of recent articles Mike published are, Safeguarding Proprietary Information: The Worldwide Competitor and Economic Intelligence Phenomenon (Cyber Strategies: Vol. 2, No.2, Summer, 2000) and It's The Information Stupid! (Protection of Assets, August - September, 2001). His current work-in-progress is titled, University Research & Open Scientific Communication.

More recently Mike has written essays/papers titled Investors & Venture Capitalists: Protect Your Information Collateral, The Value of OPSEC to the Corporate World and Off-Shoring Intellectual Capital.

National Public Radio's Morning Marketplace interviewed Mike on October 20, 2003 regarding the rise in trade secret theft in the U.S. , and on November 15 th , Mike was a guest lecturer at George Washington University ( Graduate Education Center , Washington , DC) on industrial-economic espionage matters.

Mr. Moberly has been a long standing member of various professional associations including the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences , Operations Security Professionals Society, Academy of Security Educators and Trainers and the American Society for Industrial Security-International. In the latter, Mike chaired the Academic Programs Council-International for three years.

Mike is a graduate of Indiana University at Indianapolis (BA) and Indiana University at Ft. Wayne (MPA). He has accumulated numerous hours toward a doctorate degree in political science (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale ).

Previously, Mike was a professor at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (1982-2002). He also served in staff and administrative positions with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Indiana Department of Corrections and Allen County ( Ft. Wayne , Indiana ) Juvenile Court. In addition, Mike served with the 82d Airborne Division and the 173d Airborne Brigade in Viet Nam .